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Bacteria Analysis

The Bacteria Analysis is a groundbreaking method that provides a detailed assessment of your entire oral health. It captures all relevant bacteria in the oral cavity, including the conditions of teeth, gums, and oral mucosa.

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Who benefits from this treatment?

The Bacteria Analysis gives you an in-depth overview of your oral health by examining 20 different types of bacteria in your oral cavity. You'll receive a precise report that includes both your individual data and the exact sampling locations, along with a detailed list of the identified bacteria. Put simply: This check is essential for anyone aiming for a radiant and healthy smile.

Discover your unique oral health with a deep analysis of your mouth's bacteria.

Complete overview of all health-relevant oral bacteria.
Personalized routine and treatment plan.
State-of-the-art analysis procedure in a Swiss laboratory.

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Treatment process

During your usual treatment, we seamlessly conduct a quick and non-invasive oral health analysis, allowing you to achieve an optimal oral sensation without any extra effort.


Sample collection

We place paper points in your gum pockets, let them act briefly, and document their positions. Subsequently, you provide us with a sample through a brief mouth rinse, which we use to analyze the bacteria in your mouth.


Analysis of the sample in our laboratory

In our Swiss laboratory, we analyze your saliva using cutting-edge technology. Expect the results within about 10 days.


Receiving the results

Once the analysis is completed, you can find your results and individual recommendations directly in our app. This way, you always have a handle on your oral health and can continuously improve it.

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