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A healthy, white smile for everyone.

We do our utmost to develop sustainable products for you, so that everyone can smile a little bit more.

It would be absolutely unthinkable for us to have animal products in our Whitening products.

Our products are vegan and cruelty-free.  They are also free from harmful ingredients – and so are good for you and our environment. To ensure the best possible efficacy and tolerance, our products have been tested in vitro/in a clinical trial.

Fresh air like in our Swiss Alps.

We completely offset the CO2 emitted, from production to delivery and use of our products in your home. Already during production, we make sure that as little CO2 as possible is used. To implement this, we have, for example, kept our packaging in the smallest possible form factor.

Water is our most important resource and should be accessible to everybody.

For every product sold, we make a donation to the organization Wasser für Wasser. The Swiss non-profit organization gives people access to fresh drinking water. Through our donations, we can even give back more water than we use in the production of our products.

We are working on new and even more environmentally-sound materials.

We are developing novel materials for our products to further reduce our carbon footprint. Our first product made from sustainable materials is our ALPINE WHITE TOOTHBRUSH, 30% of which is made from wheat straw, a by-product of the wheat industry. This means that the waste is fed back into the production cycle as a raw material.

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