It is time to think about dental health holistically.

From the development of our products to the treatment in our Studios. Everything from a single source.

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Our Vision

We exist to maintain the health and whiteness of teeth through great products and services, thereby empowering people in their confidence and well-being.

Our Mission

We want to make healthy, white teeth possible for everyone at a fair price.

Our culture & values

We pursue a common goal and take responsibility.

We are committed and passionate to ensure that customer and quality come first.

We strive for understandable, goal-oriented and intuitive processes.

We believe in a lasting balance between economic, ecological and social interest.

Alpine White formulated in Switzerland

Formulated in Switzerland

We make white teeth healthy and healthy teeth white. We develop our products with Swiss experts and test them clinically for safety and effectiveness.

Alpine White Specialist staff

Expertise & Quality

Our professional staff in the Studios is regularly trained and undergoes a strict training process to provide you with the best treatment and advice.

Daily Satisfied

We strive to improve day by day, by incorporating your feedback into developing new products, treatments and internal processes.