Caries Repair

With the help of our caries repair treatment, the tooth structure can be regenerated. This gentle method enables the correction of initial caries, white spots and demineralization - without drilling, anaesthesia and discomfort.

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Karies Reparatur

Who benefits from this?

Tooth decay is caused by plaque, which forms on the teeth from bacteria and food debris. Bacteria in the plaque produce acids that attack the enamel and extract minerals. This leads to demineralization, weakening of the enamel and formation of white spots. Remineralization with Caries Repair can repair tooth enamel. It is the ideal choice for those who want gentle caries treatment without the stress and discomfort of drilling or filling at the dentist.

Karies kann geheilt werden

Caries is curable

When using Caries Repair in combination with adequate oral hygiene, the chance of success for enamel regeneration is up to 93%*.

With the help of Caries Repair, the hardness of the tooth enamel can be restored to a depth 8x greater than with conventional fluorides.

Development and treatment of caries

Initial caries
  • No pain
  • Regeneration possible with Caries Repair
  • 93% chance of success
Oberflächliche Karies
Superficial caries
  • No to little pain
  • Regeneration possible with Caries Repair
  • 93% chance of success
Karies im äusseren Dentin
Caries in the outer dentin
  • Mild to moderate pain
  • Regeneration possible with Caries Repair
  • 37% chance of success
Karies im innern Dentin
Caries in the inner dentin
  • Severe to very severe pain
  • Invasive treatment necessary
  • Referral to partner dentist
Karies Geld Sparen

Advantages over invasive treatment

If you decide against a caries repair treatment, a conservative dental treatment (filling) may become necessary in the future, which is associated with high costs. A filling is an invasive procedure into the tooth structure, where an ideal closure in the micro area is not always possible. This tiny gap can be a site of attack for bacteria and possibly lead to renewed caries underneath the filling.

Preserve your natural tooth structure and leave the unpleasant drilling noises behind.

No drilling therefore no pain.
Stops the progress of caries.
Preservation of the natural tooth substance.

Suitable treatments

Optimize your smile with our customized treatment options. For optimal oral hygiene and dental health.

Bundle discount
Bleaching & Dental Hygiene

For the best result. Combine your dental hygiene with whitening in just one session.

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Dental hygiene

Keep your teeth healthy with our gentle professional teeth cleaning.

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Treatment process

If you only have one lesion, we will integrate the painless caries repair into your regular treatment. If you have several lesions, we will arrange a short follow-up appointment for you.


Cleaning and preparation of the tooth surface
We use a specialized solution to deep clean the affected tooth and eliminate any bacteria. We then apply a gel to optimally prepare the tooth for repair.


Application of the repair material
The repair material is carefully applied to the affected tooth. After application, we leave it to act for 5 minutes.


After treatment
We recommend that you do not eat or drink anything for the first 30 minutes after the treatment so as not to affect the results.

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