Caries Repair

With the help of our Caries Repair treatment, the tooth structure can be regenerated. This gentle method makes it possible to correct initial caries, white spots and demineralisation - without any drilling, anaesthetic or discomfort.

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Karies Reparatur

Who benefits from this?

Almost half of the Swiss population will struggle with tooth decay at least once in their lives.

With Caries Repair, ALPINE WHITE offers a gentle alternative to traditional caries treatment. Caries Repair enables gentle remineralisation of the tooth enamel without any drilling or fillings. This is a preventive measure to help restore your dental health.

karies repair

How caries develops

Caries is caused by plaque, which forms on the teeth from bacteria and food debris. These bacteria attack the tooth enamel and lead to small white spots, the first signs of caries. At ALPINE WHITE, we use gentle and effective cold light diagnostics to recognise these at an early stage. This allows us to identify caries at an early stage and help you to keep your teeth healthy.

Caries can be stopped

Caries can be stopped

If you use Caries Repair together with good oral hygiene, you can achieve a success rate of up to 93% and thus regenerate your tooth enamel.

With the help of Caries Repair, the hardness of your tooth enamel can be restored up to eight times deeper than with conventional fluorides.

Development and treatment of caries

Initial caries
  • No pain
  • Regeneration possible with Caries Repair
  • 93% chance of success
Oberflächliche Karies
Superficial caries
  • No to little pain
  • Regeneration possible with Caries Repair
  • 93% chance of success
Karies im äusseren Dentin
Caries in the outer dentine
  • Mild to moderate pain
  • Regeneration possible with Caries Repair
  • 37% chance of success
Karies im innern Dentin
Caries in the inner dentine
  • Severe to very severe pain
  • Invasive treatment necessary
  • Referral to partner dentist

Advantages of Caries Repair

Our goal is to keep your teeth healthy in a gentle and sustainable way, without invasive treatments and unnecessarily high future dental costs.

Caries Repair
Classic fillings
Remineralisation of the tooth
Painless without drilling and injections
Prevention of further tooth decay
Fights deep caries down to the inner dentine
Success rate
Price in CHF

Treatment procedure

Please refrain from eating and drinking anything from one hour before the appointment. You should also brush your teeth by this time.

Examination of caries activity

With the help of cold light diagnostics and our intraoral camera, we check your teeth for caries activity.

Cleaning and preparation of the tooth surface
Application of the repair material
After the treatment

Suitable treatments

Optimise your smile with our customised treatment options. For optimal oral hygiene and dental health.

Dental hygiene

Keep your teeth healthy with our professional teeth cleaning.

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Oral Health Check

Have your oral health checked by our specialists.

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Frequently asked questions about Caries Repair

Preserve your natural tooth structure and leave the unpleasant drilling noises behind you.

No drilling, therefore no pain.
Stops the progression of tooth decay.
Preservation of the natural tooth structure.