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Oral Health Check

Not sure about the health of your mouth? Thanks to our innovative intra-oral camera, we can give you a detailed overview and offer you the best possible individual routine.

  • We check your oral health and hygiene
  • Checking your teeth for cavities
  • Composition of an individual routine
CHF 95
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Dental hygiene & Bleaching
CHF 425CHF 480
120 minutes

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Proactive prevention before acute problems are resolved

At ALPINE WHITE, your oral health is at the heart of our concerns. Our approach aims to identify problems at an early stage and avoid invasive and costly treatments.

State-of-the-art Technology

Caries diagnostics with our innovative intraoral camera, completely without X-rays, for transparent and understandable treatment.


Gentle, non-invasive examination of your teeth and the entire oral cavity by our specialised dental staff.

Expertise and individuality

Our specialised dental staff undergo continuous further training in order to optimally meet your needs with the latest techniques and methods.


For a relaxing experience, our Studios are modern and minimalist in design, which contributes to your well-being.

Karies Kontrolle

Caries control

Caries diagnostics aims to recognise tooth damage as early as possible so that action can be taken against it at an earlier stage. X-rays are not always sufficient for this. Our innovative intraoral camera provides reliable support.

Expertise and convenience

Expertise and convenience

Our specialised dental staff undergo regular further training and courses to ensure that they are always up to date and can apply the latest techniques and treatment methods. This ensures that you always receive the best possible care, tailored to your individual needs and health conditions.

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Results on the app

After your Oral Health Check, the ALPINE WHITE app shows you the status of your periodontal health and gives you valuable tips and tricks for long-lasting oral health.

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A place that invites you to relax

For a relaxing experience, our Studios are modern and minimalist in design, which contributes to your well-being.

Treatment procedure

Book an appointment

Book an appointment in our online tool. You will receive a health form in advance which you can fill out.

Results on the app

Take your oral health to the next level.

Optimise your treatment for optimal oral health.

Additional services can only be booked on site as an extra service.

Frequently asked questions about the Oral Health Check

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