Tongue Cleaning

Our Tongue Cleaning aims to effectively reduce bad breath and optimise oral health. Intensive cleaning of the tongue removes bacterial plaque without affecting the papillae of the tongue.

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Who benefits from this?

Are you striving for a fresher, cleaner mouthfeel or struggling with bad breath? Our Tongue Cleaning is the ideal solution. Whether you drink coffee, smoke or love spicy food, our treatment ensures lasting freshness and cleanliness. The careful removal of bacteria from the tongue also prevents future gum problems.

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Expertise and convenience

Our specialised dental staff undergo regular further training and courses to ensure that they are always up to date and can apply the latest techniques and treatment methods. This ensures that you always receive the best possible care, tailored to your individual needs and health conditions.

Treatment procedure

Tongue cleaning is carried out during your regular treatment. The procedure is quick and comfortable, so you will experience a noticeable improvement immediately after the treatment.

Fix the tip of the tongue

To keep the tongue stable during treatment, the tip of the tongue is held in place with a gauze topper.

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Apply gel
Gentle cleaning

Suitable treatments

During these treatments, it is possible to have your tongue cleaned.

Dental hygiene

Keep your teeth healthy with our professional teeth cleaning.

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Oral Health Check

Have your oral health checked by our specialists.

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Frequently asked questions about Tongue Cleaning

Cleaning the tongue directly tackles the main cause of bad breath.

Removal of volatile sulphur compounds.
Combating bad breath caused by bacteria, tobacco consumption and diet.
Pleasant and fast treatment.