Caries Risk Analysis

The Caries Risk Analysis enables a detailed assessment of your caries risk. Using state-of-the-art analysis methods, we detect the first signs and offer you customised preventive solutions.

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What are the benefits of this analysis?

This analysis is ideal for anyone who values their oral health and wants to protect it proactively. Whilst it is particularly recommended for people with a history of tooth decay or other dental problems, everyone can benefit from this comprehensive examination.

What is being analysed?

Our saliva test analyses three specific microorganisms that play an important role in the development of tooth decay. One of these types of bacteria can even lead to infections in other parts of the body if it enters the bloodstream. But don't worry, we also look at the buffering capacity of your saliva. This is your protective shield for your teeth, so to speak. These properties of saliva help to balance the acidity in your mouth and prevent tooth decay. However, factors such as sugar, acidic foods, medication or health problems can influence this natural protection.

Results & tips on the app

In our app, you will receive a comprehensive report containing your personal data, the exact sampling sites and a list of the bacteria identified, and based on these analysis results, you will receive customised tips for your oral hygiene and lifestyle as well as recommendations for suitable products and treatments. This will enable you to improve your oral care and increase your general well-being in the long term.

Treatment procedure

The Caries Risk Analysis is carried out during your regular treatment. The method is quick, simple and non-invasive, so you can optimise your oral health without spending any extra time.

Collection of saliva

The first step is simple and non-invasive. We take a small amount of your saliva for analysis.

Analysis of the sample in our laboratory
Receiving the results

Suitable treatments

In these treatments, it is possible to have a bacterial analysis carried out.

Dental hygiene

Keep your teeth healthy with our professional teeth cleaning.

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Oral Health Check

Have your oral health checked by our specialists.

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Your data is safe

In our app, we attach great importance to the security of your data. We understand that your personal health information is sensitive and treat it with the utmost confidentiality and care. Our app uses advanced encryption technologies and strict privacy protocols to ensure that your data is protected and only used for its intended purpose. You can trust that your information is in safe hands with us and that your privacy is protected at all times.

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Frequently asked questions about Caries Risk Analysis

By analysing your oral flora, we create a personalised routine so that you can counteract tooth decay.

Detailed overview of your personal risk factors.
Personalised routine and treatment plan.
State-of-the-art analysis procedure in Swiss laboratory.