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Tongue Cleaning
CHF 15
Our Tongue Cleaning aims to effectively reduce bad breath and optimise oral health. Intensive cleaning of the tongue removes bacterial plaque without affecting the papillae of the tongue.
Caries Repair
from CHF 95
With the help of our Caries Repair treatment, the tooth structure can be regenerated. This gentle method makes it possible to correct initial caries, white spots and demineralisation - without any drilling, anaesthetic or discomfort.
Caries Risk Analysis
CHF 145
The Caries Risk Analysis enables a detailed assessment of your caries risk. Using state-of-the-art analysis methods, we detect the first signs and offer you customised preventive solutions.
Bacteria Analysis
CHF 245
Bacteria Analysis is a ground-breaking method that provides a detailed assessment of your overall oral health. All relevant bacteria in the oral cavity are recorded, including the condition of the teeth, gums and oral mucosa.
Tooth jewellery
from CHF 45
Give your teeth extra shine with tooth jewellery. A dental stone costs CHF 45 and is carried out by our specialised dental staff.
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