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Dental hygiene explained

Dental hygiene is necessary from both a cosmetic and a medical point of view. Cosmetically, it is about removing discolouration and enabling good oral health. But dentistry is also important for your general health. Dental prophylaxis serves to preserve dental health. Because your teeth can be preserved much longer through regular check-ups.

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Dental prophylaxis

Group prophylaxis

Dental prophylaxis includes all measures to keep your teeth and jaw healthy and to prevent or limit the spread of dental diseases. A distinction is made between group and individual prophylaxis, the former being mandated by the health authorities as an educational measure.

Individual prophylaxis

Individual prophylaxis mainly involves the professional cleaning of each individual's teeth by a dental hygienist. Your tooth surfaces, interdental spaces and gum pockets are cleaned and your oral health is checked with X-rays. In this way, sensitive tooth necks and gum disease can be avoided.

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Dental hygiene
CHF 185

Regular professional dental cleaning is essential for a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth. Our specialized staff identifies signs of cavities early and prevents them.

  • Personalised treatment
  • Gum check & caries control
  • Painless cleaning with AIRFLOW
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Advantages of dental hygiene

Here is a short overview of the benefits of dental hygiene:

  • Prevent caries
  • Prevent periodontitis
  • Prevent gingivitis (gum disease)
  • Improved hygiene of your mouth
  • Tartar removal
  • Prevent bad breath

Prevent caries

Having your teeth professionally cleaned regularly will improve your oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay, periodontitis, gingivitis and tooth loss.

With excellent dental and oral care, your dental hygienist can not only prevent dental diseases such as bleeding gums but also avoid the general diseases that can result. This is because the bacteria that are responsible for inflammatory processes in the oral cavity and the periodontium can enter the entire body through the bloodstream. This can cause inflammation in your organs or other parts of your body.

Bad teeth are often considered a trigger for diseases of the cardiovascular system and promote high blood pressure and heart problems. For this reason, regular and thorough cleaning is important, both at home and by a professional. At home, you must use the right toothpaste and use dental floss regularly.

Depending on the condition and susceptibility of your teeth, you should see a dental hygienist once or twice a year. If you take good care of your teeth yourself, an annual visit is sufficient. However, if your teeth are in poor condition, it is recommended that you have dental appointments up to four times a year. By early intervention, your dentist can tackle them before they become significant problems, or even avoid them completely. In most cases, dental hygiene is carried out by a professionally trained dental assistant, often a dental hygienist.

Professional teeth cleaning is important for the areas that the toothbrush does not clean. Especially under the gums, in the spaces between the teeth and the very fine pits on the chewing surfaces. Hence, gum diseases can be avoided.

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Whitening Toothpaste Anti Plaque
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Your solution for stubborn plaque. Whitening Toothpaste Anti Plaque is designed to remove plaque and whiten teeth at the same time. For daily gentle dental and oral hygiene.

  • Removes stubborn stains and tartar
  • Based on our clinically tested Whitening formulation
  • Remineralizes the enamel and relieves existing tooth sensitivity
  • Antioxidants for healthy gums
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Tartar removal

During dental hygiene, hard and soft plaque, as well as tartar, is removed from the tooth surface, the interdental spaces and the gum pockets using the appropriate instruments. Tartar is formed when plaque becomes hardened.

Ultrasonic tooth cleaning

Stubborn plaque can be removed with an air or powder jet device as well as an ultrasonic device. Finally, the tooth surface is smoothed, polished and sealed. Depending on the patient's wishes, the teeth can be fluoridated, which hardens the enamel. At the end of the professional tooth cleaning, the teeth are sealed.

Fissure sealing closes small cracks (fissures) on the tooth surfaces, which on the one hand prevents the penetration of disease-causing germs for a long period and on the other hand, makes it harder for plaque to adhere. With good dental care, this condition can be maintained in the long term.

Dental hygiene with ALPINE WHITE

Healthy teeth and good oral hygiene require regular brushing, flossing and visits to the dental clinic. To take even better care of your dental health and keep the spaces between your teeth clean, you can have them cleaned with our professional dental cleaning in our Studios. This is done gently with the latest instruments.

Our studios in Zurich are modern and minimalistic and do not resemble a dental practice. We offer you a relaxing experience, as you would normally expect from cosmetic treatment. Our dental hygienists regularly undergo further training to provide you with the best possible care and to enable you to have healthy and shining teeth. We also offer professional power bleaching, which makes your smile even brighter.

How does the appointment work?

  1. You book your appointment online via our tool. You will then receive a health form which you can fill out before your appointment.
  2. You will be reminded of your appointment in good time so that you can keep it.
  3. Our dental hygienists will check your oral health in our Studio in Zurich. The individual dental hygiene programme will then follow the assessment of your teeth.
  4. Microbial plaque is then removed using the gentle AIRFLOW technology. The piezon-no-pain method leaves tartar and stubborn discolouration no chance.
  5. To delay the formation of plaque and caries, your teeth are finally treated with a fluoride varnish.
  6. You will leave our studio with a healthy and radiant smile.

What does dental hygiene cost?

The cost of dental hygiene treatment and associated oral care depends on the extent of professional dental hygiene and can vary greatly depending on the dental practice. However, the prices in our Studios in Zurich are fair and there are no hidden costs. We also avoid complicated tax points, so everything is as simple as possible. Because we want to make healthy teeth possible for everyone.

Are your teeth not yet sparkling white?

After thorough dental hygiene, your teeth should shine again with their natural brilliance. However, if your teeth still appear yellowish, you can have them bleached for a radiant smile. We are also happy to support and advise you on other dental health care issues.

How long does the appointment take?

The duration of a professional dental cleaning depends on the health of your teeth. Stubborn discolouration or plaque may prolong the session. However, the average length of a session is one hour.

How often should you have your teeth professionally cleaned?

The regularity of dental care is related to the health of your teeth. If your gums are healthy and your teeth are free of decay, one or two treatments a year should be sufficient. If your oral hygiene is poor, we recommend between two and four regular visits per year.

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