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Why is dental floss so important?

You hear it all the time, floss! But do you really do it at home? Most of the time, good advice is quickly forgotten and pushed aside. In this article, we explain to you why flossing is so important, how to floss properly and why you should include it regularly in your dental cleaning.

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Find the right floss for you

For proper cleaning of the interdental spaces, it is essential that you choose a type of floss that suits you. Every floss is usually made out of a nylon or Teflon polymer, but there are still different options for you to consider when choosing your floss.. You may want a waxed floss to ensure you effectively reach every corner of your mouth. Or maybe you prefer an unwaxed floss to make sure no chemical additives get into your mouth. Here are the pros and cons of the different flosses:

Waxed dental floss

Advantages of waxed dental floss:

  • Waxed floss is often easier to slide between teeth because the wax coating of the floss helps it to glide more smoothly. This makes it less uncomfortable and irritating than regular floss.
  • Waxed floss is also great for people with larger gaps between their teeth, as the wax makes the floss more stable and less likely to fray or break.
  • Waxed floss can also remove food particles and plaque from between teeth more effectively because it is stronger and can slide into hard-to-reach places.
  • Waxed floss is often flavoured such as peppermint or cool mint flavour

Disadvantages of waxed dental floss:

  • Some people find the wax-coated floss more difficult to handle as they have difficulty guiding the floss around the curves in their mouth. This can make it difficult to remove all plaque and debris from between the teeth.
  • Waxed floss is generally more expensive than regular floss because it is coated with wax.
  • In some cases, the chemicals contained in certain brands of waxed floss can cause a reaction in users with sensitive mouths or gums. Therefore, when choosing a brand of wax-coated floss, it is important to read the labels carefully so you know which products are best for your oral health.
  • For some people, wax residue can build up on the teeth or in the spaces between them.
  • Waxed floss may have a taste or smell that can be unpleasant for some people.

Unwaxed dental floss

Advantages of unwaxed dental floss:

  • Unwaxed floss is often cheaper than waxed floss, making it a more affordable option.
  • It is thinner and less stiff than waxed floss, making it easier to manoeuvre around the curves in your mouth. This means you can reach places that are difficult to reach with regular floss.
  • Because unwaxed floss does not contain any chemical additives, it is generally considered safe for people with sensitive mouths and gums.

Disadvantages of unwaxed dental floss:

  • Some people find unwaxed floss more difficult to use because it frays or breaks more easily than waxed versions. This can make it difficult to clean the spaces between teeth thoroughly.
  • Unwaxed floss is more likely to tear or break due to its texture, especially when used in tight spaces or with sharp edges.
  • Due to the lack of a wax layer, unwaxed floss may not be as effective at plaque removal and food debris from between teeth as waxed floss.

    Find your suitable option and give your smile the protection it deserves!

Alternatives to dental floss

If you dislike both the waxed and the unwaxed dental floss, there are some alternatives for cleaning the interdental surfaces. Toothpicks, dental floss picks, interdental brushes or even dental tape can also easily remove food debris and bacteria from your teeth. If you have braces we recommend using floss threaders to thoroughly clean your teeth.

However, if you want to do it professionally, you can buy a water flosser to clean the spaces even more thoroughly.

The use of dental floss

Once you've found your preferred floss, it's all about flossing. Another supposedly simple task that suddenly becomes difficult when we try to do it right. But don't worry, there is a technique that will help you take your dental hygiene to the next level: Start at the back of your mouth and gradually work your way forward. This way, you'll achieve maximum coverage and avoid neglecting certain areas that are the most difficult to reach. 

Why is flossing important?

Food debris and bacteria often collect in the narrow spaces between teeth and are not removed by a normal toothbrush. And this can cause problems for oral hygiene and health in the long run, such as gum disease, tooth decay and gingivitis. Gum inflammation can develop gradually, starting with gingivitis and, if the gums are not treated, progressing to periodontitis.

Optimal dental care

For optimal oral health care, it is also important that you brush your teeth regularly. We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day to remove plaque from the tooth surface and keep the gumline clean.

To gently clean the surface of your teeth, use a toothpaste with fluoride. You can easily buy this from us. At ALPINE WHITE we offer three different toothpastes. The WhiteningToothpaste Extra White, for the extra whitening effect. The WhiteningToothpaste Sensitivity Relief for sensitive teeth. And the WhiteningToothpaste Anti Plaque against plaque. Our toothpastes are developed and produced in Switzerland.

Also use mouthwash from time to time to complement your dental care routine. This way you can also fight food residues and bacteria.

For even better oral care, visit our ALPINE WHITE studio for a professional dental cleaning to remove plaque and discolouration.

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